Hi there, I am Talal, a Multidisciplinary Visual Creative who specializes in Graphic Design, Motion Design, Videography and Photography, and strives for a clean, bold design aesthetic in all my work. I dig deep to understand the problem that a design solution will solve, which helps me make better design choices.
My prior career experience includes Human Resource Management, Project Management, Administration, and Customer Service. As a result, I bring with me knowledge of how organizations work and have developed an entrepreneurial mindset. My prior experience has also made me agile, resourceful, and versatile.
Fun fact, I have a working knowledge of UI and UX development, coding for the web (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery and Webflow), social media marketing, communications, and SEO. This combined knowledge helps me make connections between my design work and the complex digital marketing landscape, enabling me to make better design choices.
In my free time I like to watch documentaries, sci-fi movies and TV series (ask me for a recommendation!), and walk the parks and streets of Toronto clicking photos of things that catch my eye.
I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss how I can add value to your next project. Please drop me a line using the contact form. Looking forward to talking to you soon!
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